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Consider the crucial features of SASE Solution before signing up

Secure Access Service Edge

Not all organizations function the same way. Some of them have the resources and dedicated security team to handle IT functionalities cost-effectively and efficiently. Others want services that work right out of the box. Whatever it is, no business can afford to have snags like poor connectivity and security performance as new services get introduced in their network environment at some point in time. 

When SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution addresses the contemporary challenges of digital transformation or effectively supports employees working from anywhere, it is not without its complexities. The perfect combination of security and networking service, SASE addresses the needs of businesses with their capabilities and others who are constrained. 

The hybrid work model after the pandemic is here to stay, fuelled by the exponential rise in security breach instances that have made organizations implement solutions to secure business data from attacks.

What factors determine whether SASE is the right solution for your business? 

Does the solution have SASE architecture? 

The SASE solution advantage is that it consolidates the networking and security service under one vendor. It eliminates the cumbersome managing of a different breed of solutions using diverse operating systems and having limited integration.

One should select a vendor that provides complete SASE components that include secure web gateway (SWG), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), cloud access security broker (CASB), and cloud-based SD-WAN. It ensures that networking and security capabilities are integrated entirely and not just put together. 

A model which is flexible for scaling up and down

SASE solutions have the flexibility to scale up and down. The Networking SD-WAN has the bandwidth license compared to other security solutions that have been licensed for individual users and are valid for a year. When one uses different providers for different services, it means managing multiple vendors, paying different pricing, increasing the complexity, and reducing flexibility.

One should look for a vendor that provides a simple, flexible security and networking model that provides an integrated solution under one license. It is also important to check upfront whether the solution has a scalability option in the future. 

Having a native cloud architecture

System performance, whether it is reliability, speed, connectivity, and scalability, is dependent on the SASE architecture. These factors are vital for powering businesses. Having a native cloud architecture ensures that all locations are securely connected, including remote users.

To ensure performance is optimized, security and networking need to be delivered in such a manner so that it gets distributed over an expansive geographical point of presence. It is significant to evaluate the architecture of the native cloud and ensure that traffic is routed through the worldwide POPS, and map it according to requirement.

Vendors Track record

It is significant to verify if the SASE solution vendor has the credibility of providing security and has a proven track record. Threat protection requires deep insight into the present problems and foreseeing future threats. Preventive measures against threats need deep scanning of the system to check possible malware and content sandboxing. Pre-empting attacks at internet gateway on public Wi-Fi requires implementing the DNS-layered security services and encrypting at local POP’s so that eavesdropping gets prevented. 

It is essential to check the performance metrics of the vendors concerning their threat detection rates, blocking before connecting ratio, and other statistics, along with third-party validation. It will give an idea of the track record of the vendor. A referral bench market for the highest threat detection rate has been 96% based on security efficacy tests performed by independent IT security institutes.

Does the solution provide Hybrid model support? 

Transitioning to SASE architecture is time-consuming. One cannot dismantle the existing hardware not fully depreciated in the books. There could be software that has validity left and for which it has been paid for. Also, one may be migrating from on-premises to a cloud-based environment or preferring a hybrid model. 

To protect one existing investment, the vendor must select supports for the migration and integration seamlessly. 

Robust Threat intelligence features

Security solutions that are proactive and have robust threat intelligence can block any threat before attacking the target. Regular monitoring of patterns seen in threat activity combined with AI, ML, and human intelligence wards off any threat. Look for solutions that analyze millions of unique malware samples and blocks equal and more threats. 

Unified management 

One can see many types of services in the entire SASE journey. 

It is complicated to manage different consoles. A SASE service solution provider should be able to offer security functions from a single console. A centralized administration is easy to handle products and third-party security solutions. Also, a united interface reduces time and resources to investigate incidents.   

Flexible integration with software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)

Some security providers offer SD-WAN networking solutions on a standalone basis. It allows them to set up new sites quickly through a dedicated internet access (DIA) link provided by the local ISP. But in this case, it does not include security unless SD-WAN has in-built security capabilities.

A SASE security solution fully integrates with SD-WAN and can secure cloud access and protect connected devices, branch users, and app usage from DIA breakouts. An integrated solution combines with SD-WAN and deploys instant protection across multiple users and devices in just a few clicks. This combination allows one to secure their users wherever they access the internet, providing a streamlined user experience with lightning-fast performance and simplified security management.


When choosing a SASE solution, it is significant to check if functions like DNA-layered security, SWG, CASB, Threat intelligence, SD-WAN integration, and cloud-delivered firewall are available under single integrated solution services. Also, the best efficiency of Secured Gateway Results (SWG) acts as the first line of defense against any attack. 

A vendor that offers simple, flexible networking and security solutions on a single platform and is licensed and compatible with a user's unique situation should be selected. On can check out a real-time threat activity demo by the vendor before signing up for SASE Solution. 

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