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Should You Block Connections to Your Network From Foreign Countries?

Depending on the country from which the connections originate, you can decide to redirect the connections to one network. When you perform such tasks, you can naturally ensure enhanced levels of protection from the potential attack vendors trying to steal your company data and information. The truth is that blocking the connections from other countries is not only easy, but it is also straightforward. It means that with a little time and effort, you can protect your company data systems from being breached by nefarious criminals.

Security tools and applications allow users to block those countries, specifically those from where potential cyber security breaches can take place. One of the most common practices in this sphere is to block the network connections to and from countries with which you do not have any business relations. Another instance in which country-based blocking may become necessary is when a defense contractor is looking to block all the network connections that go outside of the nation. A reputed media organization may want to prevent any videos from getting uploaded to the servers in the countries known for their IP piracy tendencies. In such cases, blocking the networks may be a good idea. With the latest tools and software systems, it is possible to block or control access to a country that may try to connect with you, or your users may want to connect to them.

Through effective IP filtering techniques, the administrator can have complete control when he blocks the connections coming from or coming to a specific geographic location. It helps block the countries known for carrying out suspicious activities. The software applications that execute such blocking tasks always work with a reputation database developed through detailed network research. It helps ensure that only the companies that pose a definite threat are blocked in the process. For the blocking feature to function properly, the appliance must have access to the country's database. It helps the application in taking proper decisions to detect the risk countries that must be blocked.

Features of the applications for the blocking country-based network accesses

Here are some of the salient features associated with a program that can be used for blocking country-based network accesses.

  • One of the best things about these programs is that they restrict the network connections to and from any country. These applications use geo-mapping technology to find the IP which is trying to get access to the system. The technology detects the country that the user belongs to. The connection can be started from your own country. In such cases, a person can try and access a country where access is blocked by you. So, if a user is trying to get to that country, the connection is blocked and denied.
  • The application feature allows you to have greater flexibility in deciding what you are looking to block. So, for instance, you can choose to block all the connections or restrict them to only file uploads and file sharing. You can even decide to implement distinct patterns of restrictions in every country.
  • Additionally, you can set up country restrictions according to some group basis. Sometimes, your users may have some legitimate requirement of uploading some folders and files to a specific country. These applications allow you to have separate country restrictions for all the security groups. It means that you can block or allow access to all the different countries according to the needs of the diverse groups.

Dealing with people using a VPN or Proxy for evading country restrictions

A groundbreaking platform or application used for blocking access to the network to specific countries also comes with many tools for detecting VPNs, file-sharing services, proxies, websites, and various other means to evade the network restriction policies. It means that by choosing to work with a network security tool used for blocking the VPN, you can confirm that no one from your own country can connect to a country that has been blocked. No one from a blocked country can also reach out to anyone in your country. Hence these tools are used these days by upper-level government agencies when trying to evade serious political, military, and diplomatic conspiracies. They can also help business firms to protect their valuable data from possible threats by any means.

The widespread prevalence of cybercrimes has made it significant for end-users to use these tools they can have access to. This way users can prevent such things from happening. Hence, it is a good idea to block connections to your network from foreign countries when you think there is a possibility of security being breached. A company that designs and makes these applications for blocking country-based networks can show how you can work with them. You can learn more about this technology by choosing to click here.

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