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Protecting Your Business

From DNS Attacks 

Multi-layered Cloud Security for A Secure, Speedy & Steadfast Experience. Get Better Breach Protection with EdgeDefence.

EdgeDefence delivers trusted breach protection

Manage cloud apps without worrying about high costs and complexity.

Integrated solutions that protect IT infrastructure, teams and users on and off the network.

Powerful mitigation for the most sophisticated threats against DNS traffic.

Superior protection that scales with evolving needs

DNS-layer security

Detect compromised systems and secure ports before a breach occurs with EdgeDefence’s reliable layer of protection.


Guard and guide web traffic across all environments by blocking unwanted IP and ports and enforcing network traffic policies.

Secure web getaways

Continually inspect and control network traffic to block malicious domains and cloud applications without interrupting functionality and performance.

Predictive threat intelligence

Locating patterns for the most common malware, domains and networks to protect your teams and devices from a future DNS-based attack.

Secure SD-WAN

Monitor VPN transports across the network with advanced SD-WAN integration. It’s a cost-effective solution to protect users and devices, and improve network speed, security and efficiency.

Cloud-access security broker (CASB)

Sitting between cloud users and applications, CASB monitors user activity, warns about potentially hazardous actions, enforces security policies and prevents malware.

Future-proof your business with DNS security

Keep your online brand identity intact by ensuring it’s never stolen or abused. DNS security mitigates cyberattacks, like malware, phishing, viruses, and ransomware in the early stages, so you never see an interruption in real-time operations. EdgeDefence’s reliable layer of security ensures you experience better, safer online protection with greater visibility.

The EdgeDefence difference


Our teams and systems successfully detect threats and block unauthorized activity before the attack.


We offer seamless and straightforward solutions backed by service-level agreements. Easy application programming interface integration makes the process cost-effective and speedy.


As threats develop, so do we. We conduct improvement sessions and continually update our services to ensure we provide the most comprehensive DNS security solutions.

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