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Increase productivity while protecting profitability

Whether managing a remote workforce or online customers, your business is a gateway. Protect data and devices with a robust identity and access management (IAM) security solution.

Manage access in multiple ways

Single sign-on (SSO)
Verify users and allow access to systems with secure SSO, so users don’t have to log in repeatedly. SSO also makes it easier and frictionless for customers to sign in and check out securely.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
A core component of IAM, multifactor authentication creates a layered defense against unwanted logins and cyberthreats. Users gain access to network data only after using multiple methods to sign in.
Role-based access control (RBAC)
Allow users data access based on their roles or a “need-to-know” basis within your organization.

EdgeDefence creates IAM security solutions that ensure the people you trustget to the resources they need to make your business grow

Stay ahead of who’s accessing your data

A welcoming user journey
Create a streamlined yet protected experience every time employees or customers access your network’s data—with little downtime to disrupt work.
Control over access
Manage how employees get into network data and where they can go with authenticated access based on jobs and roles.
Real-time monitoring
Identify and block malicious logins by profiling users instantaneously. Audit how users access your apps and quickly find potential risks.
Simplified security
Identify, manage and authenticate your user's access with a simple security solution.
Scalable solutions
Solutions can grow as your teams expand with the same level of trusted protection.
End-to-end security
With single sign-on, make it easier and frictionless for your customers to sign and checkout securely.

Elevating digital experiences for your users

From startups to small and medium-sized enterprises, EdgeDefence makes affordable IAM security solutions accessible for your business.
Give your users simple and secure access to your devices and data from anywhere.
Detect and block unwanted logins and cyberthreats with real-time user identity and access protection.
Seamless integrated IAM solutions that adapt to your business’s needs.

Reimagine your cybersecurity with EdgeDefence

If your system’s security is too complex, you will lose business. Whether it is a remote workforce or an online clientele, your business needs efficient IAM security solutions that can change the way users access and use your data and devices.
Maximize your team’s productivity and safeguard your customer’s online experience- Reimagine your IAM Security with EdgeDefence.
Take the first step to maximize cyber security for your business