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Gateways keep your data safe and allow you to manage remote teams, mitigate risks and avoid cyberattacks.

Why does my SME need a gateway?

A gateway is a connection point between two networks with different transmission protocols. A simple way to visualize the purpose of a gateway: They’re like border checkpoints, allowing people who speak different languages to pass back and forth.
Gateways serve as an entry and exit point for a network. Data must pass through or communicate with a gateway before being routed to its destination. 

How do gateways help me do business globally–and safely?

End-to-end encryption

Ensure that only authorized parties understand the information passing through–and can access your business’s internal network or public internet.

Secure connections for remote workers

Route employee traffic through “tunnels” to protect their privacy and data.

Protection from online threats

Gain safe access to foreign networks to transfer sensitive information or files without worrying about a breach. Gateways also prevent getting tracked by advertisers, other businesses and cybercriminals.

Why should I use a EdgeDefence gateway?

Vigilant monitoring
Prevent unwanted downloads with antivirus scanning and by blocking users from downloading suspicious types of files.
Your business, our #1 priority
With every decision and direction we take, your business’s security and privacy remain top of mind. That’s why we refuse to share your information with third parties.

A network you can control

Monitor who uses your network with user identity and access-level verification, and stop users from uploading files like documents and spreadsheets to unsanctioned apps and sites like social media. A filtering process also inspects data before it’s passed through a gateway.

Better functionality

Work from anywhere with gateways for all devices, including phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

No hardware

Our cloud-based platforms create manageable opportunities for business growth. (No outdated hardware to deal with!) Also, because we integrate all our solutions on the front end, you’ll find better connectivity across point products, including secure web gateway, DNS security, remote browser isolation and data loss prevention.

Global scale for infinite connections

With EdgeDefence servers in over 30 countries, you can always easily connect with different networks with dissimilar structures, and run your business safely and quickly across top global markets.

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