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Safely grow your business—and everything to keep it trending upward—with lyonl’s cybersecurity and IT support solutions. Find out how we keep online interactions and information secure.

What we do

Customized Integration / Implementation

We can meet you where you are or get you on the right road. From an organization configuration review to scenario guidance, we employ industry-driven insight and best practices to create a solid plan and framework, so you can detect threats and defend your business in real-time.

Security management

Uninterrupted monitoring and operational services safeguard your business’s online presence and interactions.

Identify and block malicious login attempts

Create a safe, streamlined experience for employee logins

Handle server and cloud backups; restore files, if necessary.

Help desk.

One call gets you live, immediate support. From password resets (the #1 help-desk request) to remote logins, EdgeDefence’s team competently manages your cybersecurity needs within your unique business environment.

Emergency response

An aggressive cyberattack requires immediate, uncompromising action. Our incident response protocols ensure you get back to business, quickly and securely.

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